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Acrylamide analyses


Acrylamide analyses are compulsory for all food manufacturers who have to prove a reduction of acrylamide levels in their products.

Curtis Analytics Ltd offers acrylamide analyses by liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry techniques (LC-MS).

We have expertise in detecting levels of acrylamide formation in different products. We work with vast numbers of samples and we offer the most competitive price on the market.

We are also developing our own in-house HPLC method for acrylamide analysis.

1. What is the size of the sample you require?

For wheat, rye and oats sample, we  require 20 – 50 grams of grain or flour.

For potato samples we require ~6 potatoes per sample (around 200-500 grams).

2. How do you analyse for acrylamide?

Potato crisps are fried at a temperature above 120°C. Fried crisps are milled, acrylamide extracted and analysed by LC-MS.

Potato samples have to be analysed immediately, as storage may cause a change in the acrylamide forming potential e.g. the levels of asparagine and reducing sugars in the tuber.

Acrylamide forming potential in wheat samples is determined similarly. Raw wheat samples are milled to a fine powder and baked prior to acrylamide extraction.

Amino Acids Analyses


Amino acids are indicative of the acrylamide forming potential.

Potato and cereal samples are processed immediately for amino acid  and sugars analyses.

We use GC-MS to analyse amino acid content using a standard protocol .


We perform wheat, rye, oat (grain and flour), vegetable and potato crisps analyses. The list of amino acids that we analyse are shown in table 1.

Table 1. Amino acids analysed in wheat, rye, oats, vegetable and potato crisps and fresh freeze-dried potato samples


α-Amino-Butyric AcidHistidineProline
β-Amino-iso-Butyric Acid4-HydroxyprolineSarcosine
Aspartic acidLeucineThreonine
Glutamic acidOrnithineTyrosine
Glutamine Valine

Sugar Analyses

Reducing sugars, which are the precursors of acrylamide, include fructose, glucose, sucrose and maltose.

Similar to amino acid analyses, the potato and cereal samples are processed immediately for sugars analyses.

We use HPAEC to analyse simple/reducing sugars.


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