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Asparagine Instant test at the gate 

ASNInsta Test is a newly developed proof-of-concept allowing food manufacturers to measure asparagine instantly. The Acrylamide EU regulation forced all food manufacturers to show significant effort in reducing acrylamide formation in food.

Why test with us

The free amino acid, asparagine, is one of the main limiting factors of acrylamide formation in wheat products. The current golden standard analyses of asparagine take ten days to complete. However, food manufacturers are looking for more straight forward and faster methods to analyse raw products. ASNInsta test allows asparagine to be measured easy, intstantly, within ten minutes and reliably. Thus confirming, that food manufacturers are reducing acrylamide forming potential as low as reasonably achievable.

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Asparagine instant testing "ASNInsta test"

The food manufacturing industry requires an instant asparagine content test. Our “ASNInsta” sensor measures asparagine in their products instantly, allowing food manufacturers to follow the process of the reduction of asparagine during processing in their products. This is beneficial for manufacturers to help them map their processes, determining the important steps for mitigation and target mitigation strategies to where they are required in the process to optimise the reduction of acrylamide formation in their operations/products.

AcrylamideINSTA Test: A rapid, real-time and on-site test for acrylamide content in food

Following the successful development of our ASNInsta test, we have begun development of an acrylamide instant sensor/test. We are looking for funding and we like to speak to potential partners.

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Acrylamide Book Series

  • Acrylamide in Food (2019)

    N. Halford and T. Curtis.  WSPC (Europe)

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