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At Curtis Analytics we provide fast and cost-effective Acrylamide Testing Services. Our services have been recognised as being the most cost-effective available thanks to our cutting edge working practices.

What is Asparagine?

Free asparagine is the main amino compound precursor of acrylamide formation in food, and this was confirmed by studies using isotopically labelled asparagine showed that the three C atoms and N atom of acrylamide were all derived from asparagine. In addition, asparagine concentration has been shown to be the main limiting factor for acrylamide formation in wheat.

Acrylamide analysis

Acrylamide analyses are obligatory for all food manufacturers unless exempt by EU regulation.

Amino acid analysis

Amino acids (particularly asparagine) and reducing sugars analyses are acrylamide precursor tests that are indicative for acrylamide forming potential. The acrylamide forming potential has to be as low as possible. Therefore, asparagine levels and sugar levels should be monitored continuously.

For wheat products, the most important is asparagine accumulation in the grain.

Sugar analysis

Glucose and fructose were found to determine acrylamide formation in potatoes. It is concluded that acrylamide content in potato products could be substantially reduced primarily by selecting cultivars with low concentrations of reducing sugars.

Other analyses - complex sugars

Structure analysis of arabinoxylan and mixed-linkage glucan in cereal flour. Quantification of water extractable and water un-extractable hemicelluloses in plant matrices (monosaccharides analysis).

Legislation & Regulation

The recently adopted regulation: EU COMMISSION REGULATION (EU 2017/2158) (20-Nov-2017), established mitigation measures and benchmark levels for the reduction of acrylamide in food.  The regulation requires business operators to adopt mitigation measures necessary to meet the objectives of the Regulation. To confirm compliance with benchmark levels, the effectiveness of mitigation measures by industry will have to be verified through sampling, testing and analysis.

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